How do I add collections of photographs to the book?

Updated by Anita Licis-Ribak

You can create "collections" or "galleries" of photos by putting them together inside a letter, under a common heading. And you can do this as many times as you want (i.e., you can create more than one collection)

The way to do it is simple: just start a new letter and attach your images to it. Instead of specifying your Name, enter a header that will allow you to identify this gallery. If you prefer to leave the header blank, please type “***” (three asterisks), followed by a space, followed by a reference text — this will tell our systems to group the pictures but skip the heading when it makes the book. Don't just leave the field empty: having a heading, with or without the asterisks, will serve as a reference for sequencing of the letters before you have it printed.

Just like with a regular letter, after saving it, you will receive an automated email from us with a link to where you can make changes to this submission at any later time.

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