How much time do I need to create a book?

Updated by Anita Licis-Ribak

We recommend starting the book 30-45 days before the delivery date. The first month will give you enough time to collect all the letters, and then we need 19 calendar days to design, print, and ship the books to you (within the US --international orders take longer to ship, obviously, depending on the destination).

Also, in case of urgency, you may select expedited shipping to get the book faster than in 19 days.

For Premium orders, please add at least 3-4 business days for design time, as we go back and forth with you with previews and changes. (If there are fewer changes, the book goes out to print faster; if more changes are required, the processing time is naturally longer.)

That said, we have had very successful books created in a month, and even less if the letters had already been collected.

For more detailed information on shipping and printing times and costs click HERE.

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