Does the cost of a book increase with the number of pages?

Updated by Anita Licis-Ribak

We do not want to discourage people from sending long letters or inviting more contributors, and that is why our prices are fixed and not per-page. However, and since we do the design and layout work for you, the difficulty for us does increase with the number of letters and pages. Our solution is to offer a flat rate up to 200 pages, which is enough for most books, and charge an extra fee for books up to 300 pages ($ 35 for paperbacks and hardcover, $ 80 for premium books.). Books with 301 to 400 pages carry an extra fee of $ 12 for each 10 additional pages.

There is a maximum 400-page limit for our books, determined by the binding technology — that's how many pages our covers can comfortably hold. If you have more pages than that, we can split your book into volumes (pricing based on the size of each volume, following the formula above, plus volume customization fee of $ 70.)

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