How much does FromABirdie cost?

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We offer options that range from $ 65 to $ 195, to give you exactly what you're looking for:

  - Our soft and hardcover books ($ 65 and $ 95 respectively) are automatically laid out by our algorithms, without requiring much involvement from you (although you will have access to edit the letters, re-order them, add photos, create new sections, etc.). Our staff in the US and Barcelona will still look at every single page before printing to remove duplicate letters, rotate images as necessary, improve text layout, and check that the final design looks great... However, these options don't offer previews or full customer support.

  - By choosing our Premium service ($ 195) you get the same as a hardcover book above, plus full customer support via email. Our staff will work with you as much as needed: we'll give you up to 3 previews (or more previews, if necessary, at $ 45 for each additional draft), make adjustments following your instructions, enhance images, adjust fonts to special occasions, help you improve the cover image, and whatever is needed to make sure that the book is perfect! There is a reason why this is our best-selling option...

  - There is also a free basic, online-only version. We started it as a birthday present / art project, and we have made sure that it retains that spirit as the service grows into a larger business. (We believe that these albums of letters are a great and rare way to express genuine care and affection for someone, and we feel privileged to be able to make a little contribution towards a better world...)

  - Finally, there are cases when there's not enough time to have a book printed and shipped. You can order a downloadable PDF version of the letters to print them yourself, for $ 25. Allow for 1-2 business days to get them ready for you.

(We also offer luxury handmade books — Contact us if you are interested.)

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